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I was reading the released Naruto manga on Mangastream for this week when I saw the flash back scene between Little Gaara, one of the main supporting characters in Naruto and his mother's sister, Yashamaru.


Gaara  : There's no blood coming out, but here it hurts a lot.
Yashamaru   : There's blood coming out from a flash wound, so it looks like painful. But with time, the pain will disappear. And it's faster is you use medecine. But the real problem is Heart/ Feeling Wounds. 
Gaara : Heart wounds ?
Yashamaru : Flesh wounds and Heart wounds are differents. Even with medecine, it sometimes won't heal at all.

Gaara : ...
Yashamaru : There's only one thing that can ease a heart wound. 
Gaara : What is it ?
Yashamaru : It's love.
Gaara : Love ?
Yashamaru : Yes.
Gaara : How can I get some ?
Yashamaru : I think you already have that.
Gaara : Huh ?
Yashamaru : My sister loved you very much. Shukaku of the sand was a spirit that was originally used for offensives. Your automatic sand defense is actually your mother's love. Inside that sand resides your mother's will and spirit. I think she wanted to protect you even after her death.

Flashback End

Gaara was questioning about the condition of his heart, which was aching terribly due to the pressure of being the vessel of mythical creatures named JinchÅ«riki. Yashamaru explained to him with such motherly manner regarding this matter. It's a simple yet deep conversation between them. Love this very much! 

[Gaara's biodata. Click to enlarge it.]

Above all, as a Muslim, we have to believe that the foundation of peace and tranquility comes from our creator, Allah. His love solely could make someone to ignore the problems in dunya (world) and being preoccupied with akhirat (hereafter). That's the greatness of His love!

Thanks for reading. Peace be upon you. :)

Mental note to future self: Reach out for His love first as Allah has promised to pair someone who loves Him with the one who loves Him too. You may love someone deeply yet may not getting the love from Allah. Carved :)

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