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Since last week, the people in the cyberspace keep talking about the new upcomer in social networking site, Google Plus. Basically Google Plus is just the same as Facebook actually.

What makes it different from Facebook are:
  1. Same like chatting in Facebook, the GP has it too added with improvised video calling system which is called Hangouts.
  2. For the terms of friends in Facebook, GP uses the word Circles, which might derived from circles of friend.
  3. The Google Plus also has the mechanism which helps us in looking after for videos and articles that it thinks we'll like. It is called Sparks here.
  4. The site also provide services which helps a user to turn all different conversations into one simple group chat if the user wants to discuss on the same topic with the others in the same time. The service is called Huddles.
  5. To have a GP account, you must be invited by another GP user!

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It seems appealing to see this new kind of social networking site right? With those all upgraded services by GP, people will start thinking on switching to a newer, better site. What ever your decision is, do remember that no matter how interesting the Internet provide services  for us to keep in touch with each other, never gives away your personal details carelessly in the Internet as for whatever things uploaded in the Internet, stays in it forever. Be aware of it.

Thanks for reading. Peace be upon you.

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