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There have been thousands of times I visited to Scribd to find references for my assignments. Google Books is a good way to find one too, but Scribd allows us to download the whole item.

Scribd is the site where people can download any reading materials that they want. It will always be my first site to be browsed on looking for a good reference book no matter what kinds of assignments I would have received. Yet, the site has this policy which makes any uploaded files will be sent into The Scribd Archive. The situation makes it hard for me to download it instantly.

On seeing this picture popped out in the Internet browser, I would rather click the 'x' button at the tab of the site, and google regarding the subject matters. I refuse to accept the truth that I have to pay for subscribing to the Scribd Archive just for having references materials which are used seldomly. Urghh!

Yet, it's my biggest mistake so far as I actually don't read the statements provided in the picture until today!

As I am eagerly to find a good reference for my given assignment topic, Musyarakah or joint-venture, i read all possible statement here. It states that we may upload documents for having the access to download documents there for a day. It seems like a good barter deal to me :D 

So, I trade it with my presentation slide. Ta-daa, at last, I managed to have it! Alhamdulillah.

Thanks for reading. Peace upon be you.

Mental note to everyone who is reading: Today, it is my last day being here in TSG. I would be pleased if I could extend my holiday if not for the assignment that need to be done.

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