Nothing, Nothing At All

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Investment is an act of forgoing present capital for producing a payoff in the future in regular terms. As long as we let go something for the sake of future gains, it can be called as act of investing.

In the manga One Piece, drawn by Eiichiro Oda, a character named Shanks, a powerful pirate let a sea monster to bit off his arm for the sake of Luffy, an ambitious young generation of pirate who aims to be the Pirate King. Kinda stupid huh? Why would someone let off one of the greatest assets for someone who is not justified of his potential? (Shanks is a swordsman, for your information). 

It is later explained that Shanks made the such dramatic decision as he trusts in Luffy to carry out a bigger cause in the New World. He sacrificed something for the sake of the future. A form of investment.

Here is the scene where Zoro, the first crew mate of Luffy's pirate team, the Strawhats (Mugiwara) Pirates received the total sum of fatigues and injuries of Luffy after a fight. He did so because he believes in Luffy to do the same if one of his crew mates is in danger, throwing out his life for saving them.

To be with them is everything.

In short, it can be applied in our life, to spend some time and energies to work on something that we have desired to achieve. In case of being down with the hardship, assure yourself with the thoughts of longer span of happy moments in the future that is needed to be pay with shorter span of difficulties as there is a narration by Imam Muslim stated that a man was put for an instance in the heaven and asked whether he had any difficulties in the world before. He has replied that he had never face one there. Upon the man was put in the hell in the same manner as in the heaven, upon being asked whether does he have feel any pleasure in the world, he replied that he has never felt one.

Endure it a lil bit longer. Allah loves His servants who are willingly to sacrifice for Him. He will repay them multi-folds kind of pleasures that they have never thought before.


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