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Having the opportunities to enjoy the peaceful and calm environment is a blessing. I am having such moments when I isolate myself from others, being quiet and keenly observe the things happen around me.

There are times years ago, I prefer to be less talkative not because of me being grumpy and moody all the time, in fact I am clueless on what kind of conversation should I discuss with others. Besides, I am kinda afraid of getting the wrong spot in my first try. I tend to think that people will laugh on me for being weirdo and awkward.

Eventually, I overcome these problems.

The first problem; I begun with imitating the way of conversation from my peers. The key is to search for the keywords uttered and elaborate the points based on our knowledge. It's okay to not knowing something. Admitting is a sign of humility. Modesty is good for first impression. It makes people feel you approachable especially elders and seniors. However, this advice is not applicable to all kinds of situations. Everything has its own approaches.

Besides having help from friends, introverts like me may utilise the habit of being quiet to run simulations of possible circumstances happen upon us doing a specific action. It is a form of think before you act method. We will keep repeating the question 'What If?' again and again until the best way for a situation has been reached. When the time comes, we should do as we plan in mind and the rest should be fine. However, this kind of method works when we have ample informations on the subject which aids us to predict the outcomes of our actions in different situation.

Dealing with people is challenging. No doubt. The moment we think that we know them, they prove us wrong. People changes whether we want them to be or not. That's why conversing with people is fun. We will never know what is their mind unless they show genuine reaction when communicate with us. Their reactions can be seen clearly with their freckles in faces, body language and responds toward our questions and replies. If we are conversing with them through texts, it is a bit challenging. Texts don't have rhythm and we rely solely on how fast they reply and measure the length of words replied per questions we asked. 

Nowadays, it is exhilarating enough to have a conversation with people. It turns out that I have been quite extrovert as I begin to talk a lot nowadays. I do think that I am now slightly open up myself to people and don't mind being prejudge before striking a conversation. Humans are freely to think whatever they want and it is not up to me to shove my principles to their throats.

It is impossible to make everyone to love us but in the other hand, it is possible to not giving them any reasons to hate us.

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