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For your information my beloved readers, for the past four days, I've been in Perak, back to my lovely UiTM Perak. So far, I think that I am having a good time here as for I am more likely have more focus to complete my assignments.

Upon reaching here, I looked after for my laundry bucket. As I expected, I forgot to wash my kain pelikat. I decided to wash it after the bucket is full with need-to-be-washed clothes. In 4 days, I managed to have it filled!

I walked around my college, surveying the available washing machines to be used. There are 5 machines there. Firstly, I looked for the the washing machine that I used frequently. It have become my number one choice of all machines existed in Teratai block because I'm very satisfied with its spinning and rinsing system. Super fast and the water reached to every single fabrics in the machine *talk about exaggerating*

The machine stated, "12 minutes" which means there are 12 minutes left before the washing process is done. 12 minutes are quite too long for me as the time's ticking and I'm rushing for my deadline.

I considered to use another washing machine, which is located just on the ground floor. Actually, there are also machines in second  and third floor *take note that I'm staying in the first floor room* yet I'm lazy enough to use them because it will take much time to go upstairs with the loads.

If I'm not lazy enough to go upstairs, I would prefer using the machines than the machine on the ground floor because the latter machine once made me into trouble. My laundries are not being washed well. It made the clothes turned smelly with a pungent smell. That experience costed me another RM 2 to rewash it.

Anyway, it is the past. Let bygones be bygones. So, I went downstairs, checking off the machine. It was off. I searched for its plug and plugged into socket hang just over the machine.

"RM 1.80" shown on the black screen. I put another RM1.80 to activate it. Poof! A green message popped out stated "27 minutes" left. I decided to wait in my room for it to finish.

Using washine machines here taught me that the machines will never finish within time stated. So, I waited for an hour. I rushed back there, I was opening  the lid and taking out the clothes when awful odour started to come out from the piles of clothes. I was like "what the heck is going on?" and then I realized that the washing machine has been off for a while so that the sediments from previous clothes must have been accumulated in the machine. My clothes must have been washed together along with it.

Tough luck, but that's how the life goes on. At least, it teaches me to not to recklessly doing something that I will regret later. There are times when you have to wait for something to get the best result than rushing doing something just for catching up the time.

I learned my lesson. Thanks Allah for giving me second thought on finding the hikmah behind this circumstance.

Thanks for reading. Peace be upon you :)

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