Planning Our Deaths

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This entry is a continuance to the post of Bila Tiba Masanya.

Before you scroll down, I warn you, Spoiler alert! If you are a new reader/ watcher of One Piece, the picture below is a major spoiler! If you have glanced over the picture, I'm very sorry :P

Don't cry..

 The death of Ace, Luffy's brother: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

*Sobs* - Crying meme

Death is the end of a person's life. It indicates the 'game over' for someone to accumulate worldly gains. 

That's one sided perspective of a person who fails to grasp the teaching of Islam.

Life should be treated as a precious gift by His servants and taken as a limited period of time for them to serve their purposes of living in this world; 1. To worship him. 2. To be the Caliph or in simple word, governor on the Earth.

One who fails to do so will have to answer to Allah for his disobedience in executing the instructions and leaving the prohibited doings as stated by Allah. He, Allah does not burden the human beings with something that they cannot bear. He is Allah, the Creator of everything. He knows what's best for His creations. He shall not be compared with His creations because He is  the Almighty One and Keeper of His words.

Planning and management of life is crucial. For making out the best from the ever ticking out life need to be planned carefully as a bad deed will stain the record of our performance in hereafter. It's too much to think about answering His questions, asking about every single actions that we had taken since the moment we lived till the death reaches us. Have you ever leave your prayers? What have you done with your belongings? For what purpose? Where do you get it? To whom you spend it and etc.

Too much isn't? Even we cannot recall all the past actions, believe me, Allah is capable to ask every single of them. Even the smallest things would be questioned for. For that reason, in case of us in dilemma to do a miniscule good deed such as donating a 10 cent to masjid or even treating others sweets for preventing them from sleeping in the class, be assured that whoever does good an atom's weight will be weighed and same goes to whoever does ill by Him.

As the life is mainly about worshiping Him, a good record of deeds is not possible for Allah to ease his death or vice versa. So, for keeping ourselves for having the ugly way of death, we should carry out our responsibility prudently.

In my opinion, having prayers with 'jamaah' is considered to be a best thing to develop a good way of death. To think about it, as we carry out our prayers in masjid, we fulfill Allah's order and eventually there are greater chances for us to make cliques with other regular Muslims there. With such friends who are willing to leave their time for carrying out Allah's order, insyaAllah, attending our burial, reciting Yasin and du'a for us would not be a problem for them.

If you are a parent, expose your children to learn 'mandi jenazah'. May they take charge on our remains before the burial proceeds. Imagine their feelings on that time, the moment where they realize that you've no longer stand by their side, their true feeling along with uncontrollable cries, restlessly praying the best from Allah to you, it's impossible for Allah to not to grant their emotional prayers. Imagine it.

Anyway, my point here is as long as you are doing what He has instructed, death will be a thing that will not be afraid by you yet you might wait for it.


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