My Fortress of Solitude

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Hampir setahun sudah berlalu and lot of things happened and I still have not posted anything dalam blog azizarief ini. 

Being immersed with the social medias like Facebook and Twitter makes me forget about blogger atau lebih tepat lagi, berblogging. Those medias are fun to use when we have active friends who are frequently online. Easy for me to communicate with them and do some catching up. It's entertaining because of we tend to meet lots of people.

Blogging otherwise, in my opinion, a place where I have my fortress of solitude. Tempat untuk bersendirian. My playground. The canvas to unleash my monologues. It's all about me actually. 

Some people may disagree with me but hey, it's my opinion right? Keep your reasons to yourselves.

Anyway, it feels good to come here. Been missing blogging. Teringat waktu rancak update posts. InsyaAllah, I will keep posting here from now onwards.

Typing the entries keeps me sane and makes me ponder about my rational thoughts. Till then.

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